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Bean to Bar

See the whole process of Chocolates


Handcrafted in every sense. Every bar of chocolate emulates the efforts of our chocolatiers to achieve the firm snap, glossy and smooth texture, and needless to say, a toothsome pack. From harvesting to packaging and assembling the bars on a shelf, the intricate craft of chocolate making comprises a step-by-step treatment which puts together a pack of dark chocolate. Scroll down to explore each step involved in the making of a chocolate bar.

1. Sourcing: Sourced from Idukki, one of the popular hill stations in the Western Ghats of Kerala known for their lush green farms, rolling hills and moreover, a place apt for cacao trees with excellent conditions for growth & quality. We handpick cacao to gather only the best ones to make a bar of

2. Sorting & Fermenting: The pods are opened & exposed to oxygen for fermentation, a process which helps in developing the cacao flavour. The beans are then sun dried and sorted with the help of farmers at dedicated fermentation and drying center at GoGround, Idukki, Kerala.

3. Roasting: Beans are carefully roasted to develop its flavour profile. The temperature and time for roasting determines the flavour, which raises or breaks the bar of happiness with every bite. With precision, every bean is roasted to perfection retaining its flavours and nutritional value.

4. Cracking & Winnowing: The evenly roasted beans are cracked open and winnowed to separate the thin papery shell or husk from the pure cocoa bean, called “nibs”. The husk is separated from nibs as it affects the flavour if mixed with the latter.

5. Grinding: Nibs and organic cane sugar are ground with granite stone grinders to form a paste. The process takes anywhere between a few hours to a few days and has a high impact on the flavour profile. The heat generated due to the friction between granite wheels melts the cacao fat into rich chocolate liquor.

6. Tempering: What is the secret to getting the perfect snap when you break a smooth bar of chocolate? Tempering the chocolate with precision at the right temperature.

7. Moulding: Once tempered, melted chocolate is poured into the moulds for a glossy dark bar with satin finish.

8. Adding Flavours: At Rakkaudella, we believe every bite and every bar should be exceptional. Over a glossy dark bar, we sprinkle these nuts generously which gives a varied taste & texture, uplifting the whole chocolate consumption experience.

9. To the shelves: Wrapped & packed, the chocolate bars are taken to the stores to be devoured. Our chocolate
bars are made in small batches to retain quality & freshness, always.